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As an individual coach/ consultant or a corporate event planner who needs a unique venue to train, motivate and encourage vendors or staff, RedCell Events is your solution.

Our facilities are located in the high desert region of the Northwest United States in the Okanogan Valley of Washington state, less than 50 miles from the Canadian border where the Okanogan River flows into the Columbia River. This is the region that produced superstar comedian Jack Black of “School of Rock,” “Jumanji,” “Kung Fu Panda” and more.


This is also the region where the legendary Frank S. Matsura, the early 20th-century Japanese photographer made his mark on the world by photographing the region’s beauty, mystique and persona.

Patrick Monahan, the lead singer for TRAIN makes his home up here…

03 December 2013 – Nashville, Tennessee – Pat Monahan. CMT Artists Of The Year 2013 held at Music City Center. Photo Credit: Bev Moser/AdMedia

A whole host of Microsoft Executives, film producers, musicians, artists and more find the inspiration of this area to be nothing less than magical.

RedCell Events isn’t a single location facility, rather it’s a network of creative professionals, adventure scouts, conservationists, hotels, B&B’s, recreational and educational facilities/ resources all custom-tailored to amplify your event.

Events that Transform…


How It Works

1.) Let us know your objective. What are you trying to accomplish in your participants?

2.) Identify your program content. Do you already have your own program content that you want to design a retreat around or do you want help developing it?

3.) Using our vast array of local resources, we build an inventory for producing the desired effect.

4.) Finally, we assemble all the pieces to create a memorable transformation-centric itinerary around your objective.

What’s Possible?

People in the Okanogan are a cross between tough cowboys, tireless ranchers, creative artists and sophisticated conservationists. A unique blend of leather and lace, fire and ice, strength under control and unbridled passion. 

One of the descriptions asserted about us is 'People living where you can see the top." 

This is the perfect environment to be challenged and inspired at the same time.

Our resources for designing your experience include 4x4 vehicles, helicopters (military and civilian,) airplanes, skydiving, water craft on rivers and lakes. We have ample wildlife, fishing, mountainous peaks, meadows and valleys. 

Consider the scenario where you want to provide a group of executives a dynamic experience of excitement mingled with danger expectation in order to drive home the idea that corporate life is filled with uncertainty.

Your executives land at the small airport in Wenatchee, about 90 minutes from the Okanogan Valley.  A caravan loads them up for their posh drive to where they will be staying. Somewhere along the line, as they drive along the grandeur of the Columbia and Okanogan rivers, a helicopter comes into view and coerces the caravan to stop as it abruptly lands at the front of it.

Suddenly a team of armed militants encroach on the first vehicle and invade its space, reaching in and pulling out one of the executives, covering their eyes and aggressively putting them into the helicopter to take off abruptly to an unknown destination. 

Or imagine a bunch of accountants finding themselves on a stage in front of 500 people, participating in a dance routine from the musical "Mama Mia!"

Or escorting your warehouse crew via limo to a rock concert where they are VIP guests in an amphitheater at a secluded winery in the mountains. 

Working with embed photographers we've laid out a wartime simulation to help photographers realize what it feels like to be in a gunfight, so they can stay in the fight and capture the images needed. 

What if your team went through a songwriting-focused retreat that leveraged the principles of songwriting to teach harmony in the workplace or one of our dance studios put on a dance-focused retreat that unified your team, taught coordination and expression. 

These are just a few scenario possibilities that represent the type of experiences we can create with such a diversity of resources, talent and collaborative participation. 

Why It Works

The term "RedCell" is derived from the former special operations unit of Naval Security Coordination Team OP-06D, also known as Red Cell, a unit of 13 men. Twelve came from SEAL Team Six and the other from Marine Force Recon. They were to break into secure areas, nuclear submarines, Navy ships, and even Air Force One. Their primary objective was to test and improve security installations on military bases by simulating various scenarios such as hijacked airplanes, terrorist attacks and kidnapped officers.  

But RedCell Events isn't all about 

James Craddock

RedCell Events Creator

As a Veteran of the US Navy participating in USN SEAL training, base security under the Red Cell initiative, producer of the military picture book "Afghanistan On The Bounce," wildfire fighter and BSA Scoutmaster, I have plenty of experience to manifest engaging scenarios for your next retreat.

I hope we get to develop a retreat together!