Experiences That Connect

Ever wish there was a better way to find entertainment
in the Okanogan Valley?

RedCell Events combines all the events throughout Okanogan Valley, from Oroville to Wenatchee and the Methow, to offer a convenient and unique way to personalize your search for them.

When you connect with the right event for you,
it becomes an experience.

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Click directly into a “Target Event” category or 
scroll down to view and filter the full calendar.

Target Events 

Find events on-the-go,
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On the Full Calendar below, you can filter the type of event you are looking for by selecting the proper Category(s). Or use the Tags to determine a subcategory, filter by City and who you will be going with, or select a range of emotions you are looking to satisfy by attending the event and more.

Note: “Venues“and “Organizers” allow you to target a specific location or host.

Mix and match until you find what works for you. More tags will be added in the future to help you find the perfect event.


Just click the green button “+ Add Event” or in “Calendar View,” click on the calendar date and then select “+Add Event” from the calendar.

If you provide an email, we will notify you when your event is approved and posted.

Don’t just attend an event, experience one that connects with you!