About RedCell Events

RedCell Events has a two-fold mission; to provide our comunity with resources for finding and experience great events that connect with the individuals attending them, and the second is to deliver external support to those events which makes them more dynamic, efficient and profitable.

The sheer volume of talent in the visual arts, performance arts, and musicianship in our valley is why we have so many great events. It’s often difficult to find an event in the area because they are not all listed in one place. In addition, how often do you wish someone would just recommend an event that would be good, specifically for you?

Omak has its own ecosystem, the Methow operates on their side of the mountain while Chelan has a lake that creates a unique atmosphere, Winthrop and Leavenworth are themed, Wenatchee is our largest metropolis and the surrounding towns fill in the gaps.

It’s wonderful that we have so many artistic verticals to express our different views on expression. This is an asset to our community and we have so much to offer everyone around us but finding an event to attend can often be a challenge. There isn’t a resource for knowing what’s going on around your demographic or whether you are single, married, a family or a church youth group. Filtered by location and targeted around the emotional connection you are looking for from the event.

RedCell.Events is a website where we are organizing a calendar of every event in the Okanogan Valley. In addition, each event is tagged to allow you to filter for the events that will fit your lifestyle.

We’re also building email campaign’s that allow you to stay informed of local events, based on your interests. We’ve built a mobile interface that makes finding an event simple and fast, and we are distributing NFCPogs throughout the community, to give you a physical-to-digital connection to our event calendar. These are all efforts towards giving everyone a better sense of what there is to do culturally in our shared communities.

RedCell Events is taking this to another level as well. We are not only hosting a comprehensive calendar that has multiple ways of accessing it, but we are actively promoting the calendar through FB ad’s, a YouTube channel, and devising other marketing channels. So as an Event Partner, by simply being on our calendar you will receive free visibility to your events. By participating in our Event Sponsor Rewards Program to provide our members with gift giveaways, you can increase your visibility as well.

If you want a reasonable way to further promote your event, we offer entry-level advertising products to connect with those in our local area while creating vendor synergy’s for more access to resources.

If you’re hosting a larger event or one that repeats each year, we’ve assembled a support team of digital and video marketers, software and data analysts who can strategize long-term plans to increase revenue and help you offer more dynamic events that will attract customers from the coast or even Canada.

We are not “Event Planners” in the traditional sense. Yes, we can help you plan your events, but we don’t help you put them on. That’s your world. We just help you behind the scenes to make it more profitable, more efficient and more dynamic for your attendees.

We want to help our local Event Planners make something great so we can all discover more Experiences That Connect!