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Welcome to RedCell Events, your Premier Event Partner. Our goal is to help you make your event more meaningful and profitable while establishing anticipation in your guests, for the next event.

We do this using knowledge of event planning, catering, hosting, and other practical experience of both small and large venues. Our creative talent pool offers fresh ideas full of ingenuity and emotion. Synergy is also an advantage of partnering. Through relationships and having been around different events and styles, we can combine strategies to produce a unique and interesting approach.

Then we add to this an experience team of data analysts, web designers, technology integrators, digital marketing, sales/ advertising, legal document preparation and more, to become a partner who can work beside you to produce your event at an even higher level.

Please take a moment to fill in and submit the form below. When we ask for budgetary insight, it’s not so we can take you for as much money as possible because our pricing is already fixed. It’s so we know at what level to approach a solution for you. Some strategies require software or other expenditures to deploy, and by understanding your budget, we are able to recommend the most profitable approach to your event.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you plan your next big event!